Posted by mike in Drinking,News at 7:56 pm on November 1, 2006

Today after work I swung by the Pub to meet and have my picture taken with Monica Leigh, Miss March 2006.

Me and Miss March

Megan got her picture taken with the 2006 Cyber Girl of the Year, too, but she doesn’t like sharing things with the Internet the way I do.

She signed it:

To Mike,
All my love,
Monica Leigh

It’s cheesy, but it was a fun experience. I’m hoping my co-workers will be jealous tomorrow when I hang the picture outside of my office.

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  • Why is it that celebs and models always know how to look great while smiling and the rest of us look like we just got out of bed.

    Ahem….Present company excepted, of course. :-O

  • We were talking about that, too. It was funny how she’d “snap” into the same exact pose for every picture… Same angle towards the camera, same tilt of the head, same exact smile. I guess that’s what makes her a professional model.

    Not to diminish from all of the love she obviously had for me personally, but she wrote the same thing for everybody, too. (Well, males at least– the females got “Kisses” instead of “All my love.”)

  • Comment by FSM at 11:52 am on March 20, 2008

    The Jack daniels T-Shirt is of course de rigeur in such a case!