Posted by mike in Computers at 5:47 pm on January 30, 2007

The inevitable release of Windows Vista has finally arrived, and I must say… I couldn’t care less. I can nearly guarantee that this is an operating system I’ll never use personally, and hopefully I won’t ever have to interact with it professionally, either.

I couldn’t help but share this humorously predictive image, from Nick Scipio‘s site:
Viruses Intruders Spyware Trojans and Adware
(I usually check out Nick’s Picture of the Day as part of my daily reading.)

As part of the hype-building for Vista’s launch, Bill Gates appeared on The Daily Show last night. The predominant thought I had while watching his interview was just how uncomfortable and downright dorky Gates remains after all of these years.

I guess I just find it really odd to see a stereotypical computer geek with an awkward laugh and clumsy mannerisms who has achieved as much notoriety and has had such an unquestionable effect on the world as Gates has. You’d think he would’ve acquired some social skills by now. Then again, you’d think his company would’ve learned a few things by now, too. So it goes.

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  • Vista loses files in drag and drop moves and copies. This is a major flaw that in my mind makes Bill, Linda and all of Microsoft either blundering criminals, or deliberate criminals. The latter of which in today’s world I would define as anti-American terrorist. Is anybody taking the at the least the action of bringing a class action lawsuit against these people? Or on a more correct approach, are Bill and his entorage being brought up on international financial terrorist charges?