Posted by mike in Predictions,Sports at 12:17 pm on April 15, 2007

Mark (who comments here as “Tree”) asked me for my projections for this year’s season. I’m posting them here for all to see, and we’ll revisit in November to see how I did.

NL West NL Central NL East
Padres Brewers Mets
Dodgers* Astros Phillies
Diamondbacks Cubs Marlins
Giants Reds Braves
Rockies Cardinals Nationals
AL West AL Central AL East
Angels Tigers Red Sox
A’s White Sox Yankees*
Rangers Twins Blue Jays
Mariners Indians Devil Rays
  Royals Orioles
* = Wild Card


Mets over Padres in 4 Yankees over Tigers in 5
Dodgers over Brewers in 3 Angels over Red Sox in 4
Mets over Dodgers in 6 Yankees over Angels in 5
Mets over Yankees in 6

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4 Responses to “Baseball 2007 Predictions”:

  • I hope you’re wrong on the World Series at least. A NY subway series would suck.

  • You think the Yankees torn and frayed pitching staff can carry them in October? Yet for some strange reason, I picked them to win the World Series. And Philly is making me look bad already. It’s their bats on why I probably picked them. I see you went with the happy pick of the Brew Crew winning the divison. I guess it is possible, due to the depleted Astros & Cardinals. It’s been a strange and cold season so far. Bunch of East Coast games have already been canceled. Glad to see people making predictions, a tradition I’ve done since 1989.

  • edit: Yankees bats to win the WS, not Philly bats I meant.

  • Comment by John at 5:14 pm on April 20, 2007

    If the Cubs are going to finish 3rd, they better stop overrunning bases.