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A lot of people, when there’s a movie coming out that they’re excited to see, will mark the release on their calendars. Some will even take the day off for the occassion, catching an afternoon showing to be one of the first to see the highly-anticipated film and avoid the crowds that will inevitably be a factor in the evening. I myself have done this several times. I never expected my favorite baseball team to do the same, though…
Cubs calendar
The Cubs appear to be really excited about the imminent release of the new Indy movie, and I can’t say I blame them.

(Yes, I realize everybody’s favorite baseball team appears to have done this, since it’s an MLB-wide promotion and all of their schedules have Indy on them on 5/22. It just makes it particularly amusing since the Cubs happen to have that day off.)

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  • Comment by BZ at 5:56 am on May 23, 2008

    After seeing the movie my advice is see it before you hear anything about it and just enjoy seeing an Indy movie. OR wait until the movie is at the dollar theater so you don’t feel ripped off. Good classic action, bad story.