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In order to come up with my predictions for the imminent football season, I’ve gone through the entire 2007 NFL schedule and picked every game. As I did with my baseball predictions, I’ll list what I came up with here so that it’s “on the record,” and we’ll revisit it at the end of the season to see how accurate I was. This also opens my picks up to criticism, which I’ll welcome as always. (Teams in bold make the playoffs.)

North South
Cincinnati 13-3 Tennessee 11-5
Baltimore 10-6 Indianapolis 10-6
Cleveland 6-10 Jacksonville 7-9
Pittsburgh 5-11 Houston 5-11
West East
San Diego 12-4 New England 12-4
Denver 10-6 New York 7-9
Kansas City 7-9 Miami 6-10
Oakland 4-12 Buffalo 6-10
North South
Chicago 13-3 New Orleans 8-8
Detroit 8-8 Carolina 6-10
Green Bay 6-10 Tampa Bay 5-11
Minnesota 3-13 Atlanta 5-11
West East
Seattle 10-6 Philadelphia 13-3
St. Louis 9-7 Dallas 11-5
Arizona 9-7 New York 9-7
San Francisco 8-8 Washington 2-14


And the Playoffs (winners in bold):

AFC Wild Card AFC Divisional Playoffs AFC Championship Super Bowl XLII NFC Championship NFC Divisional Playoffs NFC Wild Card
San Diego
  San Diego
New England
  St. Louis
San Diego
  St. Louis
New Orleans

Yes, I’m a homer who thinks the Bears will get back to the Super Bowl this year and actually win it. Here are some other brief and generalized thoughts I have about the upcoming season:

  • I’m on the Vince Young and Tennessee bandwagon, and yes, I’m completely ignoring the Madden Curse.
  • I think the Bears are still good enough to overcome the traditional (as of late) Super Bowl losers’ hangover, mostly because their division is still the weakest in football so at least getting to the playoffs is more or less a foregone conclusion.
  • At the same time, I think the Colts blew their karmic load last year and will return to finding their annual disappointment in the playoffs.
  • Best divisions: AFC North and West, NFC West and East
  • Most dominant teams: Bengals and Eagles
  • Worst teams: Raiders and Redskins
  • Teams to watch out for: Titans, Ravens, Rams, Lions
  • Trendy teams I’m not sold on: Colts, Dolphins, Broncos, Giants, Saints, Cardinals
  • Fantasy leagues I’m in this year: 2. Team names? The Hiphoppopatomus in one, The Rhymenoceros in the other. I can’t lose.

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  • “Blew their karmic load?” I gotta go write that one down. :-)

  • Comment by CHI at 9:17 pm on September 6, 2007

    1. CHICAGO (12-4) They say Grossman has to prove himself…What about Ced!
    2. MINNESOTA (8-8) Peterson/Taylor Backfield! Till Peterson gets hurt.
    3. DETROIT (5-11) Calvin Johnson! No QB to get him the ball. Stanton? Nah.
    4. GREEN BAY (3-13) Good DEs. Nothin else!
    1. DALLAS (11-5) Best O-Line in the east. U no me…win in the trenches
    2. PHILADELPHIA (9-7) O.K. so I just don’t like McNabb, this team is over.
    3. WASHINGTON (7-9) I could get burned on this one. When Jason Campbell was drafted I said he’d leave those other Auburn picks in the dust. Well?
    4. NEW YORK GIANTS (6-10) Eli, remember draft day? Chargers?
    1. NEW ORLEANS (10-6) Good…not great. Drew Brees Rules! Defense though.
    2. CAROLINA (9-7) I just can’t think of what to say. Who are these guys?
    3. ATLANTA (6-10) There are other guys on this team. Some are talented
    4. TAMPA BAY (3-13) Scary bad!!!
    1. ST. LOUIS (10-6) Yep your seeing this. I’ve never believed in the Seahawks and Marc Bulger is awesome despite noone knowing who he is.
    2. SEATTLE (10-6) A couple of injuries and this team sinks
    3. SAN FRANSISCO (8-8) good positional players. Still problems in the trenches
    4. ARIZONA (7-9) Leinerts cool. Shit O-Line
    1. BALTIMORE (12-4) McGahee legs. Solid D. Good ball club.
    2. PITTSBURGH (9-7) Parker Rules. Defense is weaker than usual.
    3. CINCINATTI (8-8) From legendary USC to this squad sorry Palmer life sucks.
    4. CLEVELAND (5-11) If every single player stays healthy they might actually be tough.
    1. NEW ENGLAND (14-2) Adalius Thomas…Belicheck…whew
    2. NEW YORK JETS (9-7) Make Kendall Happy and they would have been 10-6
    3. MIAMI (5-11) Do they know Trent Green is 38.
    4. BUFFALO (3-13) Scary bad!!! Go to LA
    1. INDIANAPOLIS (11-5) Good but no repeat.
    2. TENNESSEE (10-6) Surprise he’s gonna keep wining. Lendale!
    3. JACKSONVILLE (9-7) Run Run Run till the injuries take them halfbacks away
    4. HOUSTON (3-13) Worst O-Line in the history of football. I hate this fuckin team
    1. SAN DIEGO (15-1) Eli? Remember? Chargers?
    2. DENVER (10-6) Go ahead, through the ball. See what happens.
    3. OAKLAND (6-10) It’s not the worst thing losing out on Russell. It just sucks you didn’t take Johnson Ahhhhhhhh my first correct prediction.
    4. KANSAS CITY (5-11) Whos the quarterback here. I feel awful for Herman Edwards

    Leading Rusher: Willie Parker
    Offensive Player of the year:
    Defensive Player: Urrrrrrlacher

  • Comment by CHI at 9:21 pm on September 6, 2007

    Bengals suck balls. September 10th, and October 1st you’ll see. It is also well documented that Bengals (the animals) are typically homosexual. And “The Bengals” (music group) also sucked balls. I like your picks and encourage you to continue to get your feet wet in bold NFL predictions however, Pats and Chargers are the class of the AFC and for the first time since the 80’s the Bears and only the Bears rule the NFC. Grossman Sucks!!! All 33 other starting positions for the Bears Rule!!!
    Willie Parker…Leading Rusher…Urrrlacher DPOY. Stupid spell check I know thats not how you spell Urlacher

  • Comment by CHI at 9:53 pm on September 6, 2007

    I said it first: 7th round pick ILB Oscar Lua!
    Also, I know this isn’t the most shocking predict but keep an eye on the rookie safeties this year. Laron Landry, Michael Griffin, and Brandon Meriweather will probably be the gems in this years weak draft.

  • Comment by Tree at 12:35 pm on September 10, 2007

    I’m not really a religious person, tho I abide by the basic laws of Karma, but man, that Charger punt that hit McGowan seemed like absolute Karma from that uncalled offside that forced the Charger fumble at the goal line. Seriously, this went from a fun game to “what the fuck?! where’s the flag??” And Mike Brown gets slammed and nobody sees it?? Get more refs on the field! Once again, Professor Palmer was right: win the turnover game, you win.