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With another baseball season upon us, it’s time for more predictions. Hopefully I’m a little closer this year than I was last year.

NL West NL Central NL East
Dodgers Brewers Mets
Diamonbacks Cubs* Braves
Padres Cardinals Phillies
Rockies Pirates Nationals
Giants Astros Marlins
AL West AL Central AL East
Mariners Tigers Yankees
Angels Indians* Red Sox
A’s Twins Blue Jays
Rangers White Sox Orioles
  Royals Devil Rays
* = Wild Card


Cubs over Mets in 4 Yankees over Indians in 5
Dodgers over Brewers in 3 Tigers over Mariners in 4
Cubs over Dodgers in 7 Tigers over Yankees in 6
Cubs over Tigers in 6

The fact that this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the last time the Cubs won a World Series makes it pretty hard for me to be unbiased, but I like their chances this year. I also like the idea of a rematch of that 1908 Series, and think there’s a decent chance it’ll happen. It should be a fun season.

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  • Okay, a non-biased views it as this: pitching wins. The Mets have Santana and an old Pedro, tho the D-Backs have Brandon Webb and Dan Haren, who are the superior # 1 & 2 starter combo in the NL. I can’t think of any NL who has a better 1-2 starter combo. And this brings us to the Cubs: what do they have after Zambrano? Lily? Dumpster (huge question mark) Marques (magic second half melt-down) and old man Lieber. Yes the Cubs will hit presumably, it’s a question of how the rotation and bullpen will hold up. I notice you’re getting romantic with that Cubs / Tigers pick. And injuries are always the x-factor, especially with the Mets chances.

    That said, the Cubs had only the 6th best NL record & 12th best MLB record in ’07. The NL West is gonna be a 4 team race, the East will at least be 2 teams. And then there’s the issue of the superior AL which the Cubs would have to get past. And of course, from a purist perspective: a Wild Card team winning the World Series? Pure blasphemy!

  • YANKMEES?!?!? Have you not learned? The Red Sox are back in full (save Gag-me, thank god) and will romp again this year.

    (God, I hope I haven’t just jinxed the whole season.)

  • Comment by FSM at 7:40 am on April 6, 2008

    Of course, I’m a die hard Dadger fan from LA. You can’t expect me to want to see them go away. I would like to see the Cubs and Indians at the World Series. Both teams deserve the recognition. Unfortunately, I haven’t really looked up close to offer an educated guess.

    More over, the dodgers seem to have inherited from the angels the art of the seventh inning fold, and while they soar into July and August, they tend to fall apart in September. This of corse isn’t surprising. None of the owners since the O’Malleys have understood the need to nurture their managers. I believe it took Lasorda four years to get to the World series and ten to win and that that before him, Alston only had two World Series titles to his name (one in Broolyn and one in LA). But together those two Mangers represent close to fifty years of Dodger history. I don’t think the dogers will make it to the finals.

  • Comment by FSM at 7:41 am on April 6, 2008

    PS sorry for the typo’s – I didn’t catch them all!

  • Typos are allowed in the comments here. Just not in the posts. :)

  • I’m going to have to disagree with FSM about the Cubs & Indians deserving the recognition. “to the finals” ? Are you kidding me? This isn’t basketball. Plus I think the manager theory is overrated.

    Low and behold, the Tigers horseshit weak bullen has been exposed to the world. 0-6, baby!

  • I guess that means they’re going to go 0-162, right?

  • Another day closer, 0-7! Perhaps all those Little Caesar pizzas are giving the Tigers the trots.